Do you want to be part of a group or a member of the team?​

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Join our team of member pharmacies and vendor partners!


“To manage and unite a team of member pharmacies and vendor partners, which collaborate to create compliant services that provide improved profitability and efficiency.”


Pharmacy Management Partners negotiates  contracts on behalf of our members to assist in purchasing at a competitive rate.

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Pharmacy Management Partners offers programs and services to assist in your pharmacy operations.

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Pharmacy Management Partners has partnered with preferred vendors to ensure your pharmacy's success.

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Pharmacy Management Partners (PMP) is a member-driven buying group organization for independent pharmacy.  PMP members comprise the management board which guides our organization, 

and ALL members are involved in final decisions.​

PMP operates as a true transparent organization, sharing financials with all members at 

our annual member meeting.

PMP believes in equitable distribution of revenue; we keep only what is needed to efficiently operate the organization. Any balance remaining is distributed amongst members on an annual basis.